About Us

Established in 2010 by Orkan Arat, CEO and founder, Plondo Network has helped many companies take the guessing game out of online advertising. Using our integrated product offerings including affiliate marketing and program management, prospect email, search marketing, social media and online display advertising, we can handle all of your online customer acquisition needs.

Simplify. That is what Plondo provides to its customers. Tired of dealing with the hassle of generating new leads? Social network, Google, email marketing? It’s all confusing and rapidly changing. Plondo simplifies the process for your company.

Measuring campaigns guarantees the client with ROI. Plondo uses the most sophisticated analytical tools to determine the best mix for your campaign and we measure the results.

We partner with our clients in every sense of the word. At Plondo we believe that our thought process should be like yours – concentrating on saving money, but at the same time implementing a campaign that will outshine anything you have ever tried in the past to maximize customer focus and service.

Our Mission

At Plondo, we strive to be our customers’ most valued partner by providing a fully integrated suite of products and services to address diverse marketing, operational, and compliance management needs in the highly specialized markets. The world’s leading brands in home and business services rely on us to provide intelligent customer acquisition solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is a humble, yet exciting one. To bring excellent career opportunities to our people, whilst growing their minds, bodies and professional outlook on life. In the future, our company will be known as the leader in the customer acquisition/lead generation industry.