Sales Conversion

At Plondo, not only we work with you in the demand generation stage and data tracking & optimization, but we also work on sales conversion. 

This is the key step. Without an effective sales conversion program, you would be left with a ton of leads, data, and few sales. And who wants that? In this final stage, we employ a multichannel approach -online and offline- in which the quality leads meet the sales team. A team ready to consult with clients, to help them make better decision, and, in essence, make them understand their situation much better.

It is, at this point, that we give all your marketing activities a break. Marketing has done its job. Now, it is time to sell. It is time to close. Time to increase your bottom line. And that is the main reason you are here, right?

Give us a call today at 1-800-PLONDO and let’s discuss how we can help you increase your bottom line. Let the selling begin!